5 Important Rental Property Design Tips To Stand Out On Airbnb & VRBO—Takeaways From The VRD Summit 2024

With over 1.3 million vacation rental properties currently available throughout the US, being able to truly stand out has never been more important. 

We recently attended the 2024 Vacation Rental Design Summit where industry experts shared valuable insights on how to build upon design to attract guests and gain a higher ROI on investment properties.

Jessica Duce, the founder of the Vacation Rental Summit and Texas-based designer

Many people don't realize the wide range of costs involved with starting up a successful vacation rental. Because of that, there’s often no budget for all the details that add to the appeal of the property.

After attending the 2024 VRD Summit, we walked away with an even fresher perspective on every component of successful vacation rental property design to help you prioritize the details that will truly maximize your ROI. 

Rental Property Design Tips To Stand Out On Airbnb & VRBO:


When considering rental property design, it’s important to keep in mind that, in most cases, guests are no longer looking for just a place to stay. They’re looking for an experience.

And so it’s worth considering amenities that help support and create that memorable experience. This can include hot tubs, saunas, pool tables, and even nostalgic, old-school board games. You can take it one step further by thinking about the general area of the property and offer extras such as bikes, kayaks, and access to hiking trails.


When away from home, people crave comfort. Vacation rentals that prioritize comfort appeal to potential renters while they’re searching for a property and remain memorable long after guests check out. 

Think fluffy pillows, soft sheets and plenty of extra cozy blankets, high-quality, plush towels, and soft rugs thoughtfully placed throughout the property. These are all items you cannot scrimp on. 

Conversations on bed sheets, thread counts, and how to strategically layer bedding were all discussed while our speakers were in bed :-)


When it comes to meeting your guest’s expectations and maintaining their trust, consistency is extremely important. The property needs to look exactly like the online listing when a guest arrives, with no surprises or changes.

Housekeeping should be made fully aware of the correct location for all items, such as decorative pillows, throw blankets, and decor. 

Kathy Kuo, of Kathy Kuo Home, on the panel


It goes without saying that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. A vacation rental can be stunning, but if guests notice any areas that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned, their overall experience will likely be impacted. 


With the number of rental properties rising, the number of accidents occurring is also rising. Guests safety always needs to be a priority and being well-versed on the safety regulations in your region and ensuring that your property is in full compliance with them, and then some, is a non-negotiable. 

Some vital ways to maintain safety include ensuring a fire extinguisher is on-site, thinking about bunk-bed safety for children, securing all throw rugs to prevent falls, having all precautions in place for pools and hot tubs, and considering safety when there’s a bedroom without windows. It’s also important to think about lighting for safety at night, both inside the home and outside. Motion sensors for out-of-the-way properties can improve safety as well as increase guest’s sense of security. 

Our vacation rental design services for properties in Austin, TX are aimed at considering each of these components, from overall design all the way to safety. If you’re looking for ways to create an elevated guest experience and stand out on Airbnb and VRBO, contact us to learn more about how we can work together.