Our focus

Function & Feeling

We specialize in designing
multifamily residential and  
short term rental spaces in
a way that invites meaningful
impressions and stays.


Why the hummingbird? 

We've noticed how beauty lies in the tiny but powerful details

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A little something to live by.

Simplicity, carried to the extreme,
becomes elegance.

-John Franklin

Principle Designer

Jodie Evans

Ever since I was young, I knew I needed to both help people and create.

I started my career in humanities with my masters in Social Work from the University of Texas right here in Austin. This background led me to realize how creative work is deeply human. Our surroundings can have so much effect on our well-being.

My passion is to help home owners and multifamily residential communities achieve spaces that inspire a sense of home. I realize it's often the first step into an apartment lobby or the listing photos on Airbnb that spark comfort or connection between people and spaces.

We also realize that feeling of belonging is a complex thing to attain, especially with limited time or resources. That is where Envision can help. When you share your unique needs with us, we translate that in a way that your clients or yourself can both see and feel.

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