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Kind Words

“I have had the pleasure to work with Jodie Evans professionally and personally. She has always presented herself in a very positive manner which made the process so easy. She created the exact environment that my husband and I imagined in our new home. She created vision boards so we felt like a part of the process from beginning to end. One of the really fun things that we will never forget is the final presentation of our home. She spent the day completing the install from furniture to hanging pictures on the walls. We walked in and were amazed at how beautiful our home was. She took a vision that we gave her and brought it to life. We have many friends that come over and LOVE the design of our home.”
Christy P. | Austin TX
“When we started looking at houses in the fall of 2018, we didn't realize how quickly we would find the home we always wanted! This wonderful news also put us in quite a bind, as we hadn't even prepped our old house to be put on the market. Enter Jodie! This process was so easy and we're so glad to have had her help. Jodie squeezed in a consultation appointment quickly, came back soon after to help us identify what needed to be removed, and then showed up just a few days later with a pod and tons of cool stuff that made our house look amazing (my husband and I joked about why we were moving in the first place)! Jodie even came out with the photographer to ensure that the pictures of the house were perfect, and they were! All of this in a matter of a week or so. We loved working with her so much that we also had her come out with us to our new home before our move in date and give us ideas for furniture and decorations. Absolutely loved working with Jodie and will tell everyone who's selling/buying about her! Thank you for being wonderful and helping us through this transition!”
Betty | Austin TX

A little something to live by.

Simplicity, carried to the extreme,
becomes elegance.

-John Franklin