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As competition heats up in Austin and its surrounding areas, property owners are seeking innovative ways to enhance their spaces without breaking the bank. Our guide is here to show you just how it's done!

Why you need a multifamily room refresh.

Keeping your multifamily property fresh and inviting is key to attracting and retaining tenants. But we understand that not every property owner is ready to dive into a full-scale remodel. That's where the magic of a room refresh comes in.

Picture this: your leasing office is the first point of contact for potential residents. It's where they form their initial impressions of your property. If it looks outdated or uninspired, they might wonder if other aspects of your property are being neglected too. Our guide will show you how to revitalize your leasing office and leave a lasting impression on prospective tenants.

With just a few strategic updates, you can transform the ambiance of your space and elevate the overall feel of your property. Our checklist is your roadmap to pinpointing the areas that need a little TLC. Whether it's updating furnishings, adding a splash of color, or incorporating thoughtful decor touches, we'll help you identify the changes that will make the biggest impact.

At Envision Staging & Design, we're passionate about helping property owners in Austin and beyond create spaces that resonate with tenants. Download our Multifamily Room Refresh Checklist Guide today and discover how simple updates can make a world of difference in your property's appeal. It's time to elevate your property and stand out in Austin's competitive market!

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“I have worked with Jodie on a personal basis as she has done design work in my home & professional basis working with Greystar. I manage multi family communities and have used Envisions’ services on many projects.
Jodie is professional, personable, able to understand what our clients’ need, all while staying within budget and meeting timelines. I would highly recommend her services; properties always appreciate the end results of her design work.”

- Candiss E | Greystar

Multi-family Residential Design

Room Refresh Checklist

Grab these pro tips for prioritizing design
updates in your model apartments and community spaces.

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